Stress Self Help Tool

Goal Breakdown
The Goal Breakdown worksheet helps clients combat stress and procrastination by teaching them to break large goals into smaller, manageable tasks. It offers an example and tips for effective goal breakdown, followed by a template for clients to apply the concept to their own goals. This tool is valuable for addressing procrastination, stress, ADHD, and goal planning. Read More
Recognizing Stress
The Recognizing Stress worksheet guides clients in recognizing signs of stress, including physical, emotional, and behavioral symptoms. Identifying these symptoms is the initial step towards problem recognition and making essential lifestyle changes. Pairing this activity with the Symptoms of Stress handout can further enhance clients' understanding and awareness of stress indicators. Read More
Self-Care Assessment
The Self-Care Assessment helps clients evaluate their self-care practices across physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and professional categories. It encourages reflection on current habits, identification of areas needing improvement, and the generation of ideas for new self-care activities. This tool is valuable for enhancing well-being, especially during times of stress. Read More
Stress Exploration
The Stress Exploration worksheet assists clients in identifying their stressors and protective factors against stress. It covers daily hassles, major life changes, life circumstances, daily uplifts, healthy coping strategies, and protective factors. This tool is beneficial at the start of stress management treatment and is adaptable for various mental health treatment plans, considering stress's role in contributing to various forms of mental illness. Read More
Stress Management
The Introduction to Stress Management worksheet educates clients about stress, its effects, and strategies for managing it. Coping techniques such as social support, emotional management, life balance, and meeting basic needs are introduced. This worksheet serves as a tool to initiate conversations within a comprehensive stress management treatment plan, addressing various aspects of stress and its impact on well-being. Read More
Stress Management Tips
The Stress Management Tips worksheet provides practical and effective tips for coping with stress. It promotes a healthy mindset, encourages a balanced lifestyle, and suggests valuable coping skills. This handout is suitable for group discussions or as a take-home reminder for clients to apply what they've learned in sessions. Read More
Symptoms of Stress
The Symptoms of Stress handout helps individuals understand the various symptoms of stress, categorizing them as physical, emotional, cognitive, and behavioral. This educational tool is valuable for raising awareness about stress and its impact, aiding clients in identifying their own symptoms, and motivating them to prioritize relaxation and self-care. Read More
Time Management Tips
The Time Management Tips printout provides practical advice for improving time management skills. These realistic and easy-to-implement tips serve as a helpful take-home reminder for clients facing overwhelm or struggling with their responsibilities. Time management is a valuable life skill that can reduce stress and enhance overall well-being. Read More