Bipolar Self Help Tool

Bipolar Mood Log
The Bipolar Disorder: Mood Log is a practical tool for clients to track the warning signs of bipolar disorder, including mood changes, sleep patterns, and common symptoms of mood episodes. Completing this daily mood log helps clients catch early warning signs of manic or depressive episodes, allowing them to take preemptive steps to manage their condition effectively. While clients may eventually learn to recognize these signs automatically, maintaining a daily mood log is recommended to ensure consistent monitoring and timely intervention. Read More
Coping Skills: Anger
The Coping Skills: Anger worksheet outlines six techniques for managing anger effectively. These skills include recognizing triggers and warning signs, diverting attention, taking time-outs, practicing deep breathing, and more. Therapists can use this worksheet to introduce these coping skills to clients and provide instructions on their use. It's important to practice each skill during therapy sessions and discuss their relevance to specific situations. Emphasizing the value of ongoing practice, even when not actively needed, is also crucial, as some anger coping skills can have lasting effects that benefit clients throughout the day. Read More
Causes of Bipolar Disorder
Psychoeducation is vital in bipolar disorder treatment, offering knowledge about protective factors, risk factors, and management. It benefits both clients and their families, enhancing understanding and support. Read More
What Is Bipolar Disorder?
Psychoeducation is crucial in bipolar disorder treatment. This info sheet offers a concise overview of the disorder, its symptoms, and treatment options, benefiting clients and their families. Read More
Bipolar Warning Signs
Help clients with bipolar disorder recognize early warning signs of manic and depressive episodes using this worksheet. By identifying these signs, clients can take proactive steps to manage their condition more effectively. Read More
Bipolar common warning signs
Recognizing early warning signs of bipolar disorder episodes is crucial. Use this worksheet to educate clients about common signs of mania and depression, aiding in early intervention and symptom management. Read More
Bipolar: Relapse Signatures
The Bipolar Disorder: Relapse Signatures worksheet helps individuals with bipolar disorder identify their unique early warning signs of manic or depressive episodes. By recognizing these signs, clients can take proactive steps to manage their condition and seek help if necessary. Read More